Murder Hornets

Scientists believe new ‘murder hornet’ nests already exist after first one with 200 queens destroyed

After the destruction of a nest of what are being referred to as ‘murder hornets,’ scientists believe that other nests already exist throughout the country. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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Officials capture two live murder hornet queens days after destroying nest

This past week, scientists in Washington eradicated the first-ever found giant “murder hornet” nest in the U.S. Now, officials have gone back to capture two queens who avoided their initial fate.
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2020 Headline Predictions

The Wake Up Call make up some 2020 headline predictions in response to MURDER HORNETS! What else could go wrong in 2020?
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Giant 'Murder Hornets' Arrive in United States and Can Kill People

“Murder hornets” have arrived in North America, and scientists fear the deadly insects might be here to stay. Asian giant hornets can grow up to 2 inches long.
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