new year


New Years Resolutions

The Wake Up Call share some new years resolutions for the new year of 2020:
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Future Ford Sales Event

Future Ford of Sacramento is giving you your last chance of the year to save big on a brand new Ford! Join the Hit Squad on December 28 to play some games, win some prizes and score some deals!
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FREE Starbucks Coffee Til The End Of The Year

It's a PARTY!!! WOOHOO! Starbucks is giving away FREE drinks through the end of the year.
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Goalsetting of 2019

Gavin is over people posting their goals on social media:
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Get Your Binge On! The COMPLETE List of Everything That Is About to Expire From Netflix

'Twas the night before Christmas break When you had just settled down to Netflix & chill Disappointment struck, when what you're wandering eyes should appear? But finding out your favorite show had long since expired... on Netflix Don't let it happen to you. Of course, with colder weather and...
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