Gavin's Gay Admirer

Gavin has a gay admirer who has drawn him naked.
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Mollie Kendrick's Weekend In Five Photos: June 20-21

Mollie Kendrick shares her weekend (June 20-21) in five photos.
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Christmas Mantle Disaster

Gavin's Christmas mantle fell and caused a huge disaster:
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In Case You Missed It: Shredded Painting

Banksy shreds his own painting after it sells for $1.4 Million:
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Art Rx

Art Rx now serves two communities: those with chronic pain and those who serve as palliative caregivers for patients or loved ones facing the end of life. These individuals and their guests are invited to enjoy facilitated group conversations about select pieces of art with a trained docent. The...
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Katie's Office Painting

Katie likes to steal things from work. Big things. Not just pens or paper clips, but Katie has a history of attempting to take furniture or file cabinets from our office. Check out the latest thing Katie wants to steal from the office: Video of Katie and The Giant Painting Listen to the Wake Up...
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