‘Peloton Husband’ Gifts Real-Life Girlfriend a Peloton Bike for Christmas

A classic case of life imitating art. The Canadian actor who gained notoriety for playing the husband in the controversial Peloton commercial — and has since fully embraced being being referred to as the “Peloton Husband” by using it for his Instagram handle — gave his real-life girlfriend one of...
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'Peloton Wife' Blames Her Face for Commercial Backlash

The actress in the widely panned Peloton ad is taking part of the blame for the commercial’s viral backlash. Monica Ruiz, aka the ‘Peloton wife,’ has broken her silence in her first television interview since the scandal broke and addressed her culpability for the clip which many called out for...
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Peloton Bike Commercial

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on the Peloton exercise bike commericial:
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Infamous ‘Peloton Wife’ Stars in Hilarious Ad for Ryan Reynolds’ Gin Company

Ryan Reynolds has a great sense of humor, which is on display in the latest ad for his brand, Aviation Gin. Reynolds and his team used the controversial Peloton ad as inspiration to put out a sequel starring the "Peloton Wife," Monica Ruiz. Ruiz’s role differed slightly in the gin ad. Instead of...
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'Peloton Husband' Speaks Out Amid Bike Ad Backlash

The Internet had a lot to say about a certain holiday commercial advertising a Peloton stationary bike. Now, an actor behind the controversy is speaking out. Sean Hunter is an actor and elementary school teacher living in Vancouver, Canada who originally thought that the commercial was another...
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