2020 Headline Predictions

The Wake Up Call make up some 2020 headline predictions in response to MURDER HORNETS! What else could go wrong in 2020?
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In Case You Missed It: World Cup Finals

In case you missed it, Intern Kevin predicted that Croatia is going to win, so we test him and see what else he can predict:
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Oscar Predictions

The Wake Up Call discusses who they think will dominate the Oscars and what some Oscar nominated movies are about.
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2017 Predictions

At the beginning of every year, the Wake Up Call like to predict which stories will be making headlines over the next 12 months. Listen to the Wake Up Call make their predictions for this year: 2017 Predictions
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Katie Predicts Demi's Break-Up

At the beginning of every January, the Wake Up Call make predictions about what some of the big stories will be during the upcoming year. And EVERY YEAR, Katie somehow seems to get something right!!! And this year was no different, because Katie actually predicted that Demi Lovato and Wilmer...
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