Four perfect gift boxes for men that already have everything

These are four perfect gift boxes for the man in your life who says he already has everything.
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Wake Up Call's "Take Our Gifts Gift Exchange"

The Wake Up Call got each other gifts, but listeners get to take them until one gift is left over:
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Kids Talk To Santa

The Wake Up Call gets Santa Claus on the phone to let kids tell him what they want for Christmas:
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Delivering Christmas: Bonds Family 12-13-19

Santa Gavin stop by the Bonds family to deliver Christmas to Demarcus and Leo! The Bonds have committed to providing permanency for a youth in their home that has been with them for over 3 years and are supporting another youth in finding a forever home!
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Kevin Reads Oprah's Favorite Things

Oprahs Favorite things list came out and its the longest ever. We have Intern Kevin read some of the items on it in the snootiest voice ever, but Kevin does not know what snooty means.
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Delivering Christmas

The Wake Up Call deliver Christmas presents to families with foster children! Delivering Christmas 12-21-16 Orphan Andrew went out to meet Tina Woodward and her family to deliver christmas to her boys Carmello, Jay, and Jordan. When Andrew came through the door the kids were beside themselves,...
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Mother's Day is SUNDAY

Consider this your friendly reminder that this SUNDAY....I repeat...THIS SUNDAY...again...ON SUNDAY...its Mother's Day. Make sure you get your Mom a lil sumthing! The best gifts are usually not the most expensive ones either. I know my Mom just enjoys spending time together, grab some dinner,...
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