KARLEA Helps Quarantine Breakups With "I Could Use A Drink"

Quarantine has gotten everyone either separated from their significant other or stuck together...causing some problems in the relationship.
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Dad Transforms Home Into Giant Ball Pit to Entertain His Daughters During Quarantine

A father turned his house into a giant ball pit filled with 250,000 balls to keep his daughters entertained while social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Here's How I'm Maintaining My Weight During Quarantine

Mollie Kendrick explains what she eats to maintain her weight during quarantine for National Eat What You Want Day.
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Negotiating With Your Kids

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on having to negoiate more with their kids because stuck in quarantine:
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Sofia Carson On Instagram Live With The Mollie Kendrick Show

Sofia Carson joined Mollie Kendrick on Instagram Live to catch up in quarantine. What's Sofia's favorite qurantine snack? Has she ever considered writing a book? Sofia also has beautiful advice for the graduating class of 2020 and describes her next single in emojis.
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There's No Crying In QuaranTunes

The Wake Up Call bring up that Katie cried during her QuaranTunes and share their thoughts:
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Viral 'Duvet Dress Challenge' Has People Wrapping Themselves in Blankets as Clothing

With many people stuck at home, some have been struggling not getting dressed to be seen in public each morning. This has led to the latest viral challenge, which has people turning their blankets into clothing fashion statements.
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Audrey In Katie's Bed

Katie shares with the Wake Up Call that her youngest daugheter, Audrey, is acting like she's the head of the house:
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Mollie Kendrick Show Interviews Lauv

Lauv reveals how MySpace Tom let him down, what kind of Scene Kid he was, what it's like to write for other artists like Celine Dion and Demi Lovato, and what we can expect from his new song.
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Kids Trolling Us

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts about kids trolling their parents during #Quarantine:
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