In Case You Missed It: Coronavirus Stories

The Wake Up Call share some stories that happen during this coronavirus time:
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This Weekend Sucked

The Wake Up Call share what happend during their hectic weekend staying at home:
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Aloneavirus Is Funny

This episode of the Aloneavirus, Kevin learns about cybering and dating back in the day:
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Quarantine Thoughts

The Wake Up Call share some quarantine thoughts that they have been having:
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Katie's Husband's Quarantine Beard

Katie's husband, Mike, has started to grow a beard during this quarantine time:
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Katie's Quarantine Hobby

Katie talks about her quarantine hobbies that she has been picking up during this time:
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Living With Gavin

The Wake Up Call go through how it is living with Gavin:
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St. Patrick's Day During Quarantine

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts about how Saint Patrick's Day is going to be like during this crisis:
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