Jennifer Lopez FINALLY Confirms What's Happening With Drake...Kind of.

JLo has finally confirmed one thing she’s definitely doing with Drake. Sadly it’s not that they’re in a blissful new relationship. But at least one rumor is confirmed. “We did a song together and we’ll see if it’s on his next album. But ya, he just asked me to do a song with him and that’s what we’...
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Jessica Biel Reveals Her and Justin Timberlake Didn't Kiss For a Very Long Time

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are the definition of #relationshipgoals. We barely see them out and about, but when we do they just look so in love. (ahem, just look at the above picture.) BUT that’s not how it’s always been. In a new interview, Jessica Biel revealed that she and JT didn’t kiss...
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There's A Day Dedicated to Women Cheating on Their S/O's And It's Almost Upon Us

How sketch is this! Apparently if you’re a woman in a relationship, there is a specific day of the year that you are most likely to cheat. That day is randomly the second Monday after Christmas (maybe bae didn’t get the right Christmas gift?), which this year falls on January 9th. This all...
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Millenials Are Single Because They Love Themselves Too Much?

If you’re single, and a millennial, I have some news for you that’s pretty harsh. But I’m just gonna say it. New research has found that millennials have been raised with such a focus on self-love, that they may have not learned how to love others. The skills needed for being in a relationship were...
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Cuffing Season is Now Sketchier Than Ever

Well it’s officially cuffing season. And dudes are legit on the prowl! Trust me. A new study just found that men feel way more lonely in the cold winter months, making them more likely to want to find a cuddle buddy. 1000 American singles were surveyed on a dating up called Luxy and a third of men...
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