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You Can Still Order Starbucks' Pokemon Go Frappuccino With This Hack

Some of you may remember the Pokémon Go Frappuccino at Starbucks when it was first served up in 2016 to celebrate the launch of the app. Well now, you can get it anytime thanks to this TikTok. Read more.
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Get Your Disneyland Fix With These Magical Drinks Off The Starbucks Secret Menu

Disneyland may be holding off their reopening amid the coronavirus, but you can still get your Disney fix with these secret menu items from Starbucks.
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7 Amazing Hacks You'll Be Lovin' Off the McDonald's Secret Menu

The McDonald’s menu already includes lots of delicious burgers and sweets, but if you want something truly special, order one of these off-menu secrets, from a One and a Half Pounder to an Apple Pie McFlurry.
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