Never understood the whole wig thing with Sia . But to each their own.
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Sia vs. Tinashe

Every night at 10:30pm, Ashley Z puts two songs in an cut-throat social media battle! Your job is to vote below for the song you want to hear at 11pm or use the hashtag #1079Tweet Or Delete to vote for your favorite! Don't forget to vote on instagram (@1079TheEnd) or Snapchat (@TheEnd1079)! Who's...
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Rihanna: Star Trek Princess

This is the first time a music video has debuted at an IMAX theatre which is pretty cool, makes sense because the track is off the soundtrack to "Star Trek Beyond" which is out on July 22nd. Another fun fact, Sia has wrote the song. You'll be able to tell in the lyrics! Here's what it means to be a...
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Sia & Sean Paul "Cheap Thrills" Video

Video of Sia - Cheap Thrills (Performance Edit)
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