I Can't Decide If Coca-Cola's New Coffee Sodas Will Be Good Or Disgusting

Coca-Cola announced it's releasing coffee-infused sodas in the United States after major success in 25 other countries.
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Coca Cola Launches Touch-Free Soda Machines for the COVID-19 Era

Coca Cola is introducing a touch-free machine that allows customers to hold up their smartphones up to the display and auto-scan a QR code in order to help curb the spread of COVID. Read more now.
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In Case You Missed It: Soda Tax

The Wake Up Call talk about the new proposed soda tax:
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These Hard Sodas Are Addictive!

First, I was excited about the hard root beer...then I saw the ginger ale...and THEN I saw the orange soda and everything in my life seemed a bit clearer for a moment. Why you ask? Because ORPHAN LOVES ORANGE SODA! (Kenan & Kel reference there- what up Snick!) They are so good but they are so...
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