Steve Aoki

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Aoki Reveals How Backstreet Boys, Darren Criss Landed on ‘Neon Future IV’

Steve Aoki has returned with the massive, ‘Neon Future IV,’ spanning genres and generations. The EDM pioneer tells us how the Backstreet Boys and Darren Criss made their way onto the album.
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Steve Aoki Talks New Collaboration with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson

We caught up with Steve Aoki at New York Fashion Week, and he told us about an exciting new duet with a seemingly unlikely partner. Aoki tells us about his latest collaboration with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson for a new song "Just Hold On" in this exclusive clip. Meanwhile, it looks like Kanye...
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Steve Aoki vs. Little Mix

Every night at 10:30pm, I put two artists against each other in an intense battle to see who's music is better. Even better? YOU decide which artist came with the song more worthy of getting played during my show! Tonight's competitors are.... Video of Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson - Just...
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