Should You Drunk Text Your Ex??

A friend of mine who’s recently single, has been going super hard on the weekends lately. Straight up painting the town! And no judgement on my end, hellz no! #doyou I just have had to play therapist a lot lately, because you see, she tends to drink a little too much, and once that alcohol is in...
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Brace Yourself. New Emojis May Be Coming!

Currently, emojis have very few hairstyle options. But praisehands, because the powers that be have announced that new emojis with different hairstyles might be coming our way very soon! The almighty emoji commit (how does one get on this btw?) is focusing on four additional emoji selections which...
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Using Your Phone in the Car Could Soon Be a Thing of the Past

You’re in your car, stopped at a red light and it’s taking FOREVER! So since you’ve got some time to kill, what do you do? Pick up your phone, and send a text. What’s going to happen? You’re at a stand still, right? Well now, consider this scenario to possibly be a thing of the past, because...
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