Twitter Is OBSESSED With the Watermelon Dress

Watermelon is one of my FAVORITE parts of summer. I could literally eat watermelon all day errrrry day. That’s why next time I’m nommin’ on a slice, I must try out the #watermelondress that’s taking the internet by storm….and rightfully so, because it’s ADORBZ. What exactly do you do? Step 1: Have...
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You May Have to Pay for Twitter in the Future!

Twitter is tossing around a pretty huge idea! During the company’s shareholder meeting this past week, founder Jack Dorsey, said they’ve been considering having a paid subscription model. (Nooooooooooo!) Fortunately nothing is in the works, yet , but Dorsey did say that this is something they will...
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Tickle Me Elmo Without Fur is the Creepiest Thing You'll See Today!

For whatever reason, some weirdo who wondered what Tickle Me Elmo would look like without fur, actually took the fur off of one! Personally, the thought never crossed my mind, but the results? HELLLLA CREEPY. You cannot unsee this. Also, I’m sure I’ll be having nightmares tonight. EEEEEK! . @...
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