Ariana Grande

Gabe's Over Ariana Grande

Gabe is over Ariana Grande because she supports a drink that isn't vegan:
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Vegan Wedding

The Wake Up Call discuss whether a vegan couple getting married should cater to their guest or just have an all vegan menu:
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The Richest Cat

The Wake Up Call discuss Karl Lagerfeld's cat's inheritance and why Gabe is good for the job:
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In Case You Missed It: Free Tickets For Being A Vegan

Beyonce and Jay-Z will give you free tickets to many of their shows for years if you go vegan:
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Dead Raccoon At McDonald's

The Wake Up Call talk about how a dead raccoon was brought into a McDonalds and it reminded them of Gabe:
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New Animal Phrases

Gabe runs over new animal-friendly phrases to use now:
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Sad Thanksgiving

The Wake Up Call get into whether or not Thanksgiving is a major holiday:
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Goats For People

Producer Gabe has a suggestion for everyone and it involves a little goat:
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Set Traditional organic vegan ingredient Super Food in Middle East and Asian cooking cereals

Take Steps Toward Green Living with These Easy Recipes

These delicious recipes make it super easy to incorporate vegan options into your wedding!
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