Starbucks barista writes secret message to nurse that made her say, "WTF?"

A Starbucks barista left a secret message on a nurse's cup that made her say, "WTF?"
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Watch this Subway sandwich artist fall asleep face-first into the sub they're making

A Subway sandwich artist was filmed falling asleep on the job, their face falling straight into the sub they were making.
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Watch this adorable baby chimpanzee giggle for the first time

Watch this adorable baby chimpanzee giggle for the first time.
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Do I look like I'd steal something?

Mollie Kendrick rants about being followed and watched like a hawk while shopping at Target.
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Hiker stalked by wild cougar for six minutes and the footage is terrifying

A hiker filmed himself being stalked by a wild cougar for a whole six minutes, and the footage is absolutely terrifying.
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MAX talks fatherhood, his daughter & astrology, and his love for Sacramento

Mollie Kendrick talks with MAX about his new single "Blueberry Eyes" featuring SUGA of BTS, becoming a dad soon, his daughter possibly being a Sagittarius, and his love for Sacramento.
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VIDEO: I went ghost hunting along Main Street in Placerville

Mollie Kendrick goes ghost hunting along Main Street in Placerville, California.
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Is that an orb floating over Gavin's shoulder?

Someone spotted a possible orb floating over Gavin's shoulder in a ghost story video.
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VIDEO: Surf Mesa talks catfishing, online dating, his go-to Starbucks order, and more

Mollie Kendrick talks with Surf Mesa on Zoom about his aspiring gaming career before music, catfishing on Snapchat, his go-to Starbucks order, online dating, and how he's never attended a music festival in his life.
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All Californians will hate you if you say these two words

These two words or phrases will make all Californians hate anyone that says them.
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