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This one thing would make Intern Kevin spend $700 on grass-stained jeans

This one thing would make Intern Kevin from the Wake Up Call spend $700 on a pair of jeans, and it's probably something you're wearing for $20 right now.
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How To Hide Your Tampon Walking To The Bathroom So Your Coworkers Don't Know Aunt Flow Is Here: VIDEO

Mollie Kendrick shows you how to hide your tampon on the way to the ladies room at work so your coworkers don't know you're on your period.
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Spray Cheese And Bald Heads Are The Newest Quarantine Nail Trim Hack

Canned spray cheese and bald heads are the ultimate distraction for trimming dogs' nails, by the looks of this video.
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Mom And Adult Daughter Reveal They Still Shower Together

One mother daughter duo reveals they still shower together, even though the daughter is now an adult.
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Feel Inspired By This Sunrise Time Lapse Of Sleeping Beauty Castle

Feel inspired amid the coronavirus pandemic by this sunrise time lapse of Sleeping Beauty Castle.
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Celebrate Halsey Hitting Number One With Her Five Biggest Videos

"Without Me" is the top song in the country
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