The Wake Up Call

The Wake Up Call's Sac Town Tour

The Wake Up Call is excited to get out on the streets of Sacramento with Sac Town Tour! Come see what goes on behind the scenes during a live broadcast of The Wake Up Call! See Are You Smarter Than Katie, No Name Movie Game, Gavin & Rayne Joke Off, and all the other segments that make The Wake...
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Wake Up Call Confessions

The Wake Up Call confess some secrets that noone knows about:
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Click the photo below to see photos from the first Tea Party session!

June 8, 2019


The Padawan Pavilion

Check out our Galactic Heroes fighting an epic battle with the Villain From The Darkside at The Festival of Dreams!
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Tea Party With The Wake Up Call at The Festival of Dreams!

Check out the second Tea Party session with The Wake Up Call and some of our favorite fairy tale characters!
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A Festival of Dreams Q&A With Kids And The Wake Up Call

We were able to get a group of kids to participate in a Festival of Dreams Q&A with The Wake Up Call, and the results are ADORABLE! Check out the video below...
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