Wedding thrown by Drew Barrymore raises eyebrows as couple allegedly had high school teacher-student relationship

A wedding thrown by Drew Barrymore is raising eyebrows, as the couple's journey allegedly began as a high school teacher-student relationship.
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Wedding Guests Outraged After Couple Puts Names On Waiting List In Case Spots Open Up

A couple is gaining attention for putting names of already-invited guests on a waiting list to snag a spot on their big day.
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Carrie Underwood's Throwback Photos Are Seriously Awkward AF

Carrie Underwood shared awkward throwback photos of her and her husband, Mike Fisher, in celebration of their 10-year wedding anniversary.
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Wake Up Call Gavin's Phone Scams

Gavin's Phone Scams: Kannon The Wedding DJ 3-10-20

Kannon calls a bride-to-be to offer to DJ her wedding but he has very limited songs he can play because he mostly DJs strip clubs.
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Kevin's Best Man Speech

Intern Kevin was the best man at his brother's wedding and gave a speech, The Wake Up Call hear the speech and give their thoughts about it:
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In Case You Missed It: The Rock & Danny Devito Wedding Crash

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on The Rock and Danny Devito crashing a wedding
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Dog At The Wedding

The Wake Up Call got a "Dear Wake Up Call" from someone looking for advice on how to ask their friend if they can bring their dog to their wedding:
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Guys Giving The Wrong Ideas

Gavins friend is thinking about going to a wedding across the country with her friend but does that send that guy the wrong impression?
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Katies friend is getting married and her fiance is a total groomzilla, he is getting demanding about things:
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Vegan Wedding

The Wake Up Call discuss whether a vegan couple getting married should cater to their guest or just have an all vegan menu:
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