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How To Hide Your Tampon Walking To The Bathroom So Your Coworkers Don't Know Aunt Flow Is Here: VIDEO

Mollie Kendrick shows you how to hide your tampon on the way to the ladies room at work so your coworkers don't know you're on your period.
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Second Date Update

Marisa wants another date with Tyler but he doesn't like how aggressive she got with another woman while on their date.
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Live Like A Woman Week 2020

Gavin & Rayne live like a woman for a week! They are going to be doing things that woman have to deal with in their daily lives to give them a glimpse of how hard it is being a woman:
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Kevin Pulls Cougars

During Intern Kevin's trip to Mexico, he pulled some females but not the type he liked, he pulled older ladies
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Kevin Insults Woman

Kevin mistakenly insults an ex coworker when he saw her by calling her preganant when she isn':
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Can't Marry A Broke Guy

The Wake Up Call share their thoughs on women not marry a broke guy and only looking for guys that have money or a secure job:
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Ms. Monopoly

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on Ms. Monopoly where women get the advantage:
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Women Work Better In Heat

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts whether its better to work in a cold office or a hot office:
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In Case You Missed It: Women's World Cup

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts on the Women's Soccer Team and their world cup victory:
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How To Succeed With Women

The Wake Up Call helps Rayne out on how to succeed with women:
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