Buying Pokemon GO Levels

PokemonGO is a huge phenomenon. But not everyone has the time to go out and catch a bunch of Pokemon, so now there are a bunch of people who you can pay to play PokemonGO for you: Buying Pokemon GO Levels
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Old School Smackdown

The Wake Up Call play the Old School Smackdown for tickets into the SOLD OUT Ash Bash: Old School Smackdown 7-14-16
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Bedroom Bartering

Have you ever traded sex for something you want in a relationship? Like maybe you wanted the house cleaned so you offered up sex to see if you could get your significant other to clean the house for you? Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about bedroom bartering: Bedroom Bartering
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Wake Up Call

Old School Smackdown!

The Wake Up Call teams up with listeners to guess Old School jams for a chance to win G-Easy Tickets! Old School Smackdown 6-23-16
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#GirlProblems 6-23-16

Steffanni joins The Wake up Call once more to chat about Sephora, fashion for Beyonce and more! #GirlProblems #girlproblems 06-23-16
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No Name Movie Game!

Today's listeners called in for a chance to win some Kanye West tickets by playing the No Name Movie Game! Check out how they did below! No Name Movie Game 6-17-16
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