The Weeknd

The Answers Is Always C

The Wake Up Call plays another round of The Answer is Always C to give away The Weeknd tickets: The Answer is Always C 6-14-17
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Dancing Dan

Dancing Dan, a Sacramento legend, was attacked Sunday night and has an active GoFundMe page to help with medical expenses: Dancing Dan
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Smarter Than Katie

Listen to The Wake Up Call play another round of "Are You Smarter Than Katie?" to give away Harry Styles or The Weeknd tickets: Smarter Than Katie 6-14-17
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Did You Know With Intern Kevin

Intern Kevin shares some facts that he found on the internet: Did You Know 6-14-17
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Gay Bar Or Wrestler?

All week long, while giving away WWE tickets, the Wake Up Call played “Gay Bar or Wrestler”. They had extra names on their list so they decided to play it off-the-air amongst themselves: Gay Bar or Wrestler?
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Name That Tune

The Wake Up Call play another round of “Name that Tune” for tickets to see Pentatonix: Name That Tune Part 1 9-9-16 Name That Tune Part 2 9-9-16
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New iPhone Rumors

The new iPhone is expected to be announced today, and every time a new iPhone comes out there are rumors speculating what the new features will be. Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about some of the rumors: iPhone 7 9-7-16.mp3
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Does Gavin Know DWTS

The Wake Up Call play a game called “Does Gavin Know DWTS” for 3rd row tickets to 5 Seconds of Summer: Does Gavin Know DWTS
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