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Wake Up Call: Sac Town Tour #3

Join The Wake Up Call as they kick off the second year of the Sac Town Tour, broadcasting live every Friday the month of July! Watch Katie play Are You Smarter Than Katie, Gavin do his phone scams and Rayne and Gavin battle off in Rayne and Gavin's Joke Off, all from around Sacramento! Watch it all...
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The Wake Up Call play against each other with listeners in today edition of Old School Smackdown for their chance to win a pair of tickets to Kidz Bop live and the California State Fair. 


Intern Kevin and Producer Gabe fight head to head to prove to the rest of the Wake Up Call team whether or not the new Starbucks lids are better then Gabe's five-days-a-week straw usage. 


Backstreet Boys Don't Make Sense

The Wake Up Call jump on Chrissy Teagan's train about how stupid the Backstreet Boys song "I Want It That Way" is.
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Gavin's Phone Scam: Crying Telemarketer

Gavin is a telemarketer who has an emotional breakdown while talking to someone.
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